Research-based, Simplified and Unbiased Mutual fund solutions for your investment needs.

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Personal finance in 60 words

Have six months of Emergency Corpus.
Get Term life Insurance and Health cover.
Start investing with 1-2 Balanced Funds.
Always follow Asset-allocation & Diversification.
Maximise 80C Tax benefits.
Don’t splurge on un-necessary items.
Pay off your credit cards.
Buy a House if you want to live in it & can afford it.
Keep your Nominee updated and informed.

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The Five Top Financial Advisor Credentials

Invest through us in research-based Mutual fund schemes customized to your goals

We provide simplified and unbiased Mutual fund solutions for your investment needs, and ensure the following process is adhered to before the portfolio is customized to your risk profile -
Understand your requirements
Prioritize your financial goals
Gather pertinent data
Design your Mutual fund portfolio
Implement the plan
Monitor your Investment journey
i.e. One-stop-destination for hassle-free management of your Mutual Funds.

What we do:

We provide research-based, simplified and unbiased Mutual fund solutions for your Investment needs.
Get your existing Mutual fund Portfolio reviewed

Do you have any Mutual Funds in your portfolio that are underperforming or unsuitable in some ways?
Perhaps they were suggested by someone who failed to make proper recommendations, or, maybe your goals have changed and your portfolio needs updating.
We assess Mutual fund portfolios with reference to proximity of your financial goals and, if need be, advise corrective measures based on your risk profile and portfolio performance.

If looking for such services, we are just a call away.

Attend our Group Workshop on Personal finance

This 120-minute Knowledge sharing session enhances your money management skills and helps discover how to -

Assess your Net-worth

Build an Emergency corpus

Set Financial Goals

Avoid expensive mistakes while buying Life Insurance

Understand Asset classes like Equity, Debt etc.

Debunk Mutual fund myths

Create Mutual fund portfolios suitable to your financial goals

Master your financial life towards wealth achievement

i.e. In these two hours you learn how to simplify your money life and invest the smarter way to achieve your financial goals.

Sample enclosed

Recover your lost / bad debts

We are empanelled with Share Samadhan Pvt Ltd – one of the prominent names in Investment Recovery Advisory, managed by qualified CAs and seasoned lawyers operating in the niche area of Unclaimed Investments.

This extends our services beyond end-to-end Mutual fund portfolio management to assist you recover lost, blocked, forgotten or scattered investments and bad debts pertaining to any asset class like -

Inoperative Bank Accounts, Fixed Deposits

Recovery of Provident fund - EPF / PPF / GPF / NSC / KVP

Old Shares / Debentures / Bonds

Mutual funds

Unclaimed matured Life Insurance policies etc.

Join our Facebook Community

Despite being simple and suitable investment vehicles, Mutual funds haven't become a preferred choice for majority of the Indians who find these too complex to understand.

Hence, we run a Facebook group called Mutual funds, Simplified to increase your knowledge and awareness about Mutual fund investments.

Note: This is not an advisory group giving buy/sell calls and business promotion is strictly prohibited on it. This is purely a learning platform aimed at general discussions on Mutual Funds.

For a new joinee, the best way to start would be to go through old posts as this may clear some of your existing doubts.

Happy Learning!

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Who We Are?

A Personal finance consultancy run by Sandeep Nangrani (BE, MBA) having two decade long financial services exposure across ICICI Bank, TCS, Oracle FSS etc.

Some Interesting Facts

Mutual funds invest NOT ONLY in Equity shares, but also Government Treasury bills, Company deposits, Commercial papers, Gold etc. depending on the underlying theme of the Mutual fund.

You do not need huge amount to invest in Mutual funds, and can start with AS LOW AS RS 500/- A MONTH via SIP Mode.

DEMAT account is NOT REQUIRED to invest in Mutual funds.

Mutual funds (except tax saving funds) have NO LOCK-IN PERIOD, and CAN BE SOLD ANYTIME.

A Mutual fund Investor can appoint UP TO 3 NOMINEES.

Mutual funds are NOT PERMITTED by SEBI to “promise” any returns.

“UTI Master gain 1992” is an Indian Mutual fund that got recognized by the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS for attracting largest number of investors (57 lacs folios) in a single scheme’s issue!

Apart from plain vanilla diversified Equity funds, select few companies offer exotic products like International funds, World Gold funds (funds that invest in companies mining gold, precious stones etc), MNC funds, Sharia compliant funds, Sectoral / Thematic funds etc to invest as per your risk profile.

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